Tennis Rules and Expectations

Milton High School Tennis

Rules & Expectations

Eligibility: Varsity – Grade levels 9-12 are eligible; JV – Grade levels 9-11 are eligible

Practices: Attendance is expected/required unless prior approval/rrangements have been made with the coach. This must be communicated with the coach before practice.

Matches: All players are expected to attend all matches unless previously discussed and approved by the coach. If a player does not show up for a match, he or she will be ineligible for the next match.

*** Any player not in the top players will have limited match opportunities. There will be match opportunities in JV matches and exhibition matches. You are expected to attend all matches even if you are not in the lineup. Your support off the court is extremely important to our success. As per the GHSA rules you are allowed to cheer during the matches.

Team Functions: Attendance is expected unless communicated/approved by coach.

Travel/Bus: A bus will be taken to all away matches and all players are required to be on the bus. You may ride home with parent at the end of match if communicated to coach.

Conduct: Exemplary behaviour is expected in school and at tennis activities. Any player receiving ISS/OSS will not participate in the next match. In appropriate language, racquet throwing etc. will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action which could involve sitting out the next match.

There is zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use or bullying. Additionally, use of any form of social media for unsportsmanlike conduct regarding teammates or opponents is considered bullying and strictly forbidden. The consequences will be in accordance with the GHSA rules.

Forms: Players need to submit fully completed forms before the tryouts. The forms are available under the forms dropdown on this website.

  • General Forms:
    • Physical Evaluation and Clearance Form
    • Student/Parent Concussion Awareness Form
    • Student Participation Application Form
    • Verificatio of Insurance Form
    • FCS Transportation Release Form

    Tennis Specific Form

    • Tennis Expectation Form

Coaches: Coaches and their contact information are available under Coaching Staff Section.